Starfield An Invitation Walkthrough

starfield speak to markus an invitation quest

starfield speak to markus an invitation quest

An Invitation is a side quest in New Atlantis, where you must send invitations on behalf of the Sanctum Universum—one of the major religions across the galaxy. Marcus Lestari is looking to invite visitors who previously came but never returned.

How to Unlock An Invitation

To start with An Invitation, you must visit Sanctum Universum in the MAST District of New Atlantis. Here, you will find a man known as Marcus Lestari wandering outside the Sanctum Universum building. Speak with him when he asks you to check up on some folks who have not returned to the church for a while. You won’t be needed to join them or anything, as you will only be delivering slates.

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An Invitation Walkthrough

Check in with Evie Martinez

Evie Martinez's quest marker will lead you to her in the Freestar Collective Embassy or the Terrabrew patio. Talk with her and hand the invitation over to her. She's dealing with losing her father and holds a grudge against the Freestar Collective.

starfield an invitation evie martinez
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Check in with Johann Baptiste

Johann Baptise works at the UC Distribution Center in the Commercial District. Go inside the building and give him the invitation. He seems excited that the church remembered him. He can also be found sitting near the strange tree in New Atlantis.

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Pick up the tree quest line while you’re here.

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Check in with Tony Cowl

Get on the transit and get towards the Residential District. If you’re having trouble, use your hand scanner to find Tony Cowl. You can spot him sitting outside the tables of TerraBrew Cafe or roaming near the main market street of the Commercial District. Go ahead and give him the invitation.

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Return to Marcus

After doing all the invitations, head back to Marcus at Sanctum Universum and let him know you are done with the invitations. He will reward you with some credits. Note that convincing the invitees to attend or not has no bearing on the amount you get as a reward. Feel free to pick whatever dialogue options you like.

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Quest Rewards

  • XP - 100
  • Credits - Leveled Amount
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That concludes the quest: An Invitation. To learn more about other religions, check out our guide on The Enlightened.

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