The Enlightened are a faction of Atheists that can be encountered in the Alpha Centauri and Cheyenne star systems.

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  • Joinable true
  • Affiliation Religious

Are the Enlightened Friendly?

The Enlightened believe in charity and kindness. They can be considered friendly.

Where is the Enlightened Located?

The Enlightened have a presence in two star systems: Alpha Centauri and Cheyenne.

How Can I Join the Enlightened?

You cannot join the Enlightened in-game. You can only join them during character creation by selecting the Raised Enlightened trait. This rewards you with a Chest that you can obtain in the Well in New Atlantis.

Can I Leave the Enlightened?

You can leave the Enlightened by informing Andy Singh in the Church of the Enlightened in New Atlantis that you wish to stop following the House of the Enlightened.

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