Star Wars Takeover Continues as Astromechs Invade Starfield

star wars r2 d2

star wars r2 d2

If you think the end is in sight for the Starfield Star Wars mods, think again. First, we had that armor re-texturing mod that brought the iconic white-clad stormtroopers into the United Colonies.

So, what else have other people brought to the table for Bethesda’s newest space exploration RPG?

How does having your own Astromech droid helping out in your outpost sound?

That’s right. This new mod, aptly named “Astromech Mini Bots,” retextures the sanitation mini bots found cleaning up after you in your outposts.

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Credit: Nexus

If you remember, somebody on Reddit noticed that these bots actually serve a function. For instance, they pick up every item that you drop while in your outpost and take them off for disposal with a disgusted chirp.

In Star Wars, that’s almost exactly what Astromech droids do. When they’re not assisting starfighter pilots, they’re found in headquarters assisting their owners. So, it really makes sense that they’ll be chosen replacements for sanitation minibots through modding.

There’ll be more though, as the modder promised to create more droids through mods once custom animations become possible. However, this might only be possible once Bethesda releases official mod support next year.

There are many ways that mods are improving Starfield. For instance, a mod gives the character Rosie Tannehill an official role in the game. With the mod running, Rosie can engage in a dialogue with you in which you can have her heal you or sell you medicine supplies.

Mods sound exciting, right? Thanks to a modder that published a template on Nexus, you can create your own mods.

It’s high time to give Starfield a try. If you don’t have a powerful enough rig to play the game, you can sign up for the cloud gaming platform GeForce Now. You only need to purchase the game on Steam, and you can play it using Nvidia’s GPU infrastructure.

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