Create Your Own Starfield Mods With the Starfield Modding Template

starfield mods

starfield mods

The modding community for Starfield is very active, with mods popping up by the hundreds every day on Nexus Mods. If you’ve thought of creating your own mods for Bethesda’s biggest open-world RPG to date, you might want to consider the Starfield Modding Template.

The modding template is a creation of Picklelord7, who uploaded the mod on Nexus on Tuesday, October 2. According to the description, the Starfield Modding Template is intended to provide beginner modders with build and installation tools to achieve their individual goals.

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Credit: Nexus Mods

With this template, budding modders can create individual ini files for each mod project. The template also includes a compiler to make the final products for these modders.

With a .BAT file included that sets up the necessary software and files for modding, downloaders will be able to create their own mods in no time and with little study needed.

Picklelord7 also made available the source code for the .EXE files in his modding template, which modders can download from his Github account as Nexus currently flags his post as containing suspicious files.

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Credit: Bethesda

Mods have made Starfield a lot more interesting than its default configurations. A mod came up this week that allows you to boost without limit when exploring planets. The mod returns your boost pack’s fuel state to 100% when it reaches a certain level.

Perhaps the most controversial mod was PureDark’s DLSS3 mod for Starfield. The modder kept the mod behind his Patreon paywall, compelling people to pay him at least $5 in subscription to use the mod.

His inclusion of a DRM on the mod was frowned upon by modders and players alike, and hackers subsequently cracked the mod and made it available for free.

Bethesda eventually announced that DLSS3 native support was coming to Starfield, but not before Nvidia released a GameReady driver update that significantly improved game performance on Nvidia GPUs.

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