Let Rosie Be an Effective Doctor with this Interesting Mod on Nexus

doctor companion

doctor companion

Rosie Tannehill is one of those characters in Bethesda’s Starfield that you wish should have an expanded role. With this new mod, you can now give Rosie a more significant role in your space exploration adventures.

Named “Rosie Tannehill - An Actual Doctor,” this mod will give Rosie dialogue options to make her function like a real doctor in Bethesda’s highly successful open-world exploration RPG.

Of course, she can’t follow you around and heal you every time you’re injured. However, this is the next best thing.

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Credit: Nexus Mods

This mod is just a batch file that enters console commands that alter Rosie’s function in the game. Aside from allowing her to heal you when you choose the right dialogue options, this mod will also let Rosie sell you some medicines.

Rosie is one of your companions who fulfils no purpose precisely in the game, unlike the four main ones - Barrett, Sam, Andreja, and Sarah. With this mod, she becomes a more functional member of your team, like she is supposed to be as a doctor.

Hopefully, when Bethesda releases official mod support for Starfield next year, we can modify more of Rosie’s actions and make her the team's fifth member.

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Credit: Bethesda

Many exciting things popped up in Starfield in the last few days. One of the most hilarious stories we’ve encountered is that of a player who ended up getting married to both Sarah and Andreja.

Developers programmed Starfield to discourage polygamous relationships. Still, one player discovered he could retain his marriage to Sarah while in a relationship with Andreja after passing a “persuasion check.”

It remains to be seen if this results from a bug or just the consequence of normal Starfield coding.

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