Fan Creation of the Week - Real Life Minibot

a minibot cleaner

a minibot cleaner

Last week, we saw the Wilby plushie come to real life, thanks to Bethesda’s Senior Environment Artist Megan Sawyer. Ms Sawyer created the official Wilby crochet pattern for Starfield users to try and create their own plushies from the highly popular space exploration RPG.

The creation was done by a Reddit user using a pattern featured as our “Fan Creation of the Week,” today, it’s time for another Fan Creation to take the highlight for this week.

Our pick for this week - a real-life sanitation minibot that was built by Reddit user Whosat___. This user uploaded a video of his creation on the Starfield subreddit, and that’s where we found out about this neat little work of art.

The real-life mini-bot is partially functional. It moves around like its game counterpart, but it cannot actually pick up and clean the room. From the looks of the device, it appears that the user stacked a couple of plastic containers on top of each other and used other materials to layer in the appearance of the in-game bot.

The sanitation mini-bots are mobile, independent robots that you can place in your outposts if you like. Players previously thought their appearance was purely aesthetic, but it turned out that these bots actually have a function.

In a Reddit post created 13 days ago, user cloverpopper shared a video of a Sanitation Mini Bot cleaning up after its master. The robot approached the player’s character, picked up an item that had followed to the floor, and left with a disgusted groan.

Speaking of robots, Starfield players who also stream on Twitch can use the beloved Constellation robot to make for a more exciting broadcast. Vasco will entertain viewers while the player focuses on his game.

This is possible thanks to a partnership between Twitch and Bethesda, the studio that developed Starfield.

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