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Paul Tassi may be right when he said that Starfield is not yet down for the count but would need plenty of changes to bounce back from a severe reputation slump. Hopefully, Bethesda can achieve a go-around with the slew of updates it announced were coming every six weeks.

Things may be looking up, as Starfield has seen new reviews that were positive and have helped push its Steam score back up to “Mixed.” Many players were waiting for the lighting improvements and FSR3, both of which the recent updates have brought to the table.

In any case, Bethesda could only work on updates for Starfield as fast as it declared despite having 250 developers focused on the case. The rest - we could expect modders to pick up, and they’ve certainly done well with 6,500 mods for the game on Nexus.

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One of these is the Royal Galaxy - A Compatible Starfield Revamp mod, which was uploaded by modder JaeD and boasted of bringing up to 40 changes to the game. Some of these changes include:

  • Boosts to creatures like the Terrormorph to make them more terrifying and challenging
  • Enemies spawn in increased numbers in both space and inside planets
  • Rebalancing attributes for weapons
  • Enhancements to Starborn powers
  • Higher rewards for NPC-assigned missions
  • Increased credit stash for vendors so they could trade more with the player
  • Exploration and surveying tasks return double the normal experience points

JaeD also promises to create more mods and update the Royal Galaxy mod as regularly as possible, so stay tuned to the mod’s Nexus page as often as you can!

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