Shocking Stats - Only 3.28% of Starfield Players Explored 100 Planets

starfield planets

starfield planets

Bethesda’s newest intellectual property, Starfield, is also its biggest, not just in terms of launch but also in the scale and depth of its content.

According to a player who has maxed out his surveying of the game’s galaxy, there are roughly 1,695 celestial bodies that people can explore and mine for resources.

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Credit: Reddit/DoomZero
The one who has seen it all

With a scale like this, you’d expect players to happily explore every known galaxy corner, not leaving until every stone is turned.

Unfortunately, according to a Reddit post by Yaboi_19, less than 4% of Starfield’s supposedly 10 million players have explored at least 100 planets.

Yaboi_19 had reached his 100th and was awarded an achievement for his trouble. As the user found out that only 25% of Starfield players ever went to space, he found the statistics through the Achievement screen.

This perplexed him enough to ask other users on the website what they think would incentivize exploration and get more people to visit planets.

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Credit: Reddit
Procedural generation is actually underused?

Other users were quick to point out the pitfalls of procedural generation, a feature that ultimately ended up in repetitive planetary content. Interestingly, one user suggested that Bethesda undeveloped this feature instead of utilizing it fully.

Some also pointed out that several players don’t bother with actual exploration; they breeze through the main storyline just to see what happens at the end.

If there’s a feature of Starfield that appears to be a fan favorite, that would be shipbuilding. People construct all sorts of vessels. Lately, a ship that says the F-word has been spotted on Reddit, giving life to the expression to “give a flying f***.”

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