Prime Video Releases a Short Preview of the Fallout Live-Action Series

maximus brotherhood of steel fallout
Credit: Prime Video

maximus brotherhood of steel fallout
Credit: Prime Video

Prime Video has released two trailers for the upcoming Fallout live-action series, which will be released on April 11.

With the premiere just three weeks away, Amazon continues teasing us with a short preview of a scene featuring two main characters, Vault Dweller Lucy and The Ghoul.

The video is about a minute and a half long and begins with Lucy attempting to de-escalate a confrontation between townspeople and The Ghoul.

She attempts to talk him down, but when he gets more aggressive, Lucy fires a drugged dart at him.

However, it didn’t knock The Ghoul out - he brushes the attempt off as “a drop in a bucket full of drugs.”

The Ghoul attempts to come closer, but the arrival of a Knight of the Brotherhood of Steel in Power Armor stops him.

The armored Knight identifies as Titus and prepares to fight The Ghoul before the video fades into an infographic advertising the April 11 release.

Admittedly, the teaser leaves much to be desired, especially since we know Amazon previewed 15 minutes of the series during the SXSW event in Austin, Texas, where Elon Musk was in attendance with Jonathan Nolan and Todd Howard, among others.

Howard and Nolan, together with the other showrunners of the live-action series, were interviewed by the Den of Geek at SXSW.

During the engagement, Todd revealed that he had nipped a few ideas from the production team because they were going to conflict with what he and the development crew were planning with Fallout 5.

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