Elon Musk Graces the Fallout Activation at SXSW

elon musk todd howard sole survivor fallout 4
Credit: Bethesda

elon musk todd howard sole survivor fallout 4
Credit: Bethesda

Fans who visited the Prime Video display at SXSW 2024 were in for several treats. One of these is the exclusive airing of 15 minutes of the upcoming Fallout live-action series, which recently released a second teaser trailer before its April 11 launch.

While this may not be a treat to most, they at least saw some bigwigs hanging out with the rest of the fans during the event. These include Todd Howard, the executive director behind the Fallout games by Bethesda Game Studios.

Another big name who made a surprise appearance was Elon Musk, the controversial CEO of X.com and SpaceX.

Several media outlets covering the event have captured footage of Elon Musk interacting with several attendees, including Todd Howard himself. Below is a video by Variety of Musk conversing with the Starfield director during SXSW.

Of course, this is not the first time that the two were seen together. Todd claimed in 2022 that he visited SpaceX and spoke to Elon Musk while Starfield was still in the later stages of development.

The two also appeared together on stage during E3 2019 where they talked about cars, video games, and space.

Prime Video will be dropping all episodes of the Fallout live-action series simultaneously on April 11, a day earlier than the initial release date of April 12.

The premiere of the live-action series will be succeeded by other Fallout-related events, like the rolling out of the long-awaited Fallout London mod and the release of the independent fan film Fallout: Breaking by Zack Finfrock.

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