Fallout Live-Action Coming Earlier Than Expected

fallout show cast
Credit: Prime Video

fallout show cast
Credit: Prime Video

Fans don't have to wait long for Fallout's first official live-action adaptation because Prime Video has moved the release date to April 10.

Prime Video has stepped up the advertising for the upcoming Fallout live-action series. Over the past two weeks, the streaming service has released previews and behind-the-scenes featurettes such as the World of Fallout to its YouTube channel.

Yesterday, it also debuted a 20-second video featuring the show's equivalent of “Dogmeat,” CX404.

Today, Prime Video uploaded a bombshell to its official X account. The video, featuring actor Walton Goggins, announced that the Fallout live-action series is dropping to the streaming service one day early.

In a move Goggins described as a gift to Fallout fans worldwide, Prime Video will release the series on April 10 at 6 PM Pacific Time.

In other words, Amazon will drop all eight Fallout episodes tomorrow!

This is the third time Prime Video has moved the release date of the live-action series. Last year, it announced April 12.

By the time the second trailer was released, the studio had announced through a video starring Walton Goggins that they would be moving the release date to April 11.

The series is exclusively available through the Prime Video service. However, several streamers are broadcasting the first episode on the streaming website Twitch.

Fallout fans have other releases to look forward to after the live-action series debut. One of these is the Fallout anthology, which will feature all of the franchise's games and be available on April 11.

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