Prime Video Releases Spotlight Video for the Fallout Show’s ‘Dogmeat,’ CX404

cx404 dogmeat fallout prime video
Credit: Prime Video

cx404 dogmeat fallout prime video
Credit: Prime Video

Prime Video has turned the spotlight to dog companion CX404, the live-action adaptation’s version of the game’s faithful Dogmeat, in a short video presentation before the release of the Fallout show.

Every Fallout game has a version of Dogmeat, a German Shepherd who aids the player by being one of the companions that can tag along with them. It’s only fitting that the upcoming live-action adaptation produced by Amazon’s Prime Video will also have a variant of its own.

Named CX404, the dog appears in a 20-second video released to the social networking site X, formerly Twitter. This video features CX404 exercising on a treadmill to keep fit and dismantling opponents in the wasteland, much to the horror and chagrin of our heroine, Lucy, played by Ella Purnell.

There’s even a segment of CX404 dodging machine gun bullets from an automated defense turret!

The video closes with hilarious footage of the German Shepherd happily approaching Lucy with a severed hand between its teeth.

Jonathan Nolan, Bethesda head Todd Howard, and the cast have explained why the dog has been named CX404 instead of the lore-friendly version of Dogmeat.

Amazon’s blog describes the dog as a companion to the main characters as they explore the wasteland and points out that they cannot say too much about the canine for now. However, the blog expressed positivity that many dog lovers will want to see how CX404 will do as a character in the upcoming show.

Only three days are left before the entire first season of Fallout drops on Prime Video worldwide.

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