Stream Prime Video's Fallout Show Free on Twitch

fallout tv show lucy

fallout tv show lucy

The arrival of the first live-action adaptation of the Fallout franchise is mere days away, and we have a whole new way to watch the show's premiere outside of Amazon's subscription service.

Twitch made a special announcement on X/Twitter today, revealing that the show's first episode will be aired exclusively on select streamers' channels on April 11. Todd Howard's direct involvement has given the show extra authenticity, and the Bethesda head even helped steer the team away from Fallout 5 plot details.

Amazon hosted an early screening of the show's first two episodes at the KX Samsung store in London this past weekend. Fans were invited to come along and get an early peek at the post-apocalyptic series, but tickets sold out fast.

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The Fallout TV show will premiere on April 11 via Amazon Prime Video; however, viewers can now watch the first episode for free live on Twitch. Details on how to tune in were shared on X/Twitter:

"Adventuring through the Wasteland is dangerous, take a friend along for the journey. Join this awesome list of streamers to watch the first episode of #Fallout. LIVE on their Twitch channels April 11."

As well as a list of the streamers who will air the episode:

  • /BrookAB
  • /TheOnlyRyann
  • /DEERE
  • /CohhCarnage
  • /KingGothalion
  • /TheBronzeGirl
  • /DansGaming
  • /SweeetTails
  • /Elspeth
  • /Techniq
  • /Swiftor
  • /GassyMexican
  • /Tooniversal
  • /bloodyfaster

If you want to watch Fallout with other fans and post your thoughts as it airs, tuning in to one of the above streams will be the ideal way to watch this new chapter of the franchise.

Fallout London, the fan-made mod for Fallout 4 that is so huge it could be a stand-alone game, is also expected this month; alongside London, fans may get to see the next-gen update for Fallout 4 that was delayed last year.

Fallout follows the inhabitants of Vault 33 and is set in 2296, 219 years after the Great War of 2077, which killed the vast majority of humanity in a nuclear holocaust.

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