How Would You Like to Collect…. Spacesuit Dolls?

starfield collection

starfield collection

Hoarding and collecting are two tendencies that players of Starfield and other Bethesda titles share. Of course, we can’t blame anyone because the sandbox nature of these games leaves much room for exploration and item acquisition.

Thus, someone out there is hoarding seemingly needless items like 10,000 potatoes, leading Todd Howard to remark that over-encumbrance is a player’s choice and responsibility. There’s always the infinite storage at the Constellation’s Lodge in any case.

What do you think about collecting spacesuit dolls? This player thinks miniature versions of the game’s spacesuit equipment make for a good collection.

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Credit: Reddit

Before you start hunting for mini-spacesuits, remember that these items in the player’s collection are the results of a console command. The effect is achieved by using the setscale command, which is also the focal point of a mod that resizes Vasco into a gigantic mech in Starfield.

According to the collector, the Reddit user Blazer380, he had set a scale of 0.3 to reduce spacesuits to the size of dolls. If you want to try this, you can tweak the scale to whatever size you have in mind.

Blazer380 also revealed that this doll collection is a derivative of a full-scale collection he made in his outpost on Nesoi, which he called “The Starfield Museum.”

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Credit: Nexus

If you’re into collecting items, you will want a higher carrying capacity to grab more spacesuits before becoming over-encumbered. This is possible now thanks to a mod called Weight Lifting Plus, which increases carrying capacity as you go up in levels.

You might also want to give the Beefy Character Backgrounds a try. Specifically, the Pack Rat and Pack Mule builds as they also boost carrying and ship storage capacities.

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