Work Around Over-Encumbrance With the Weight Lifting Plus Mod

strength starfield

strength starfield

For most players of Bethesda’s newest sandbox RPG, Starfield, over-encumbrance is a real obstacle to their enjoyment of the game.

They have various reasons, which include the desire to collect as many items such as fire extinguishers, especially when they discover the unlimited storage provided by The Constellation’s Lodge.

While storage may be unlimited, the number of items or resources you can carry is directly defined by your carrying limit. Each item has a Mass deducted from your limit every time you pick it up. For hoarders, this can be very annoying.

Fortunately, a mod up in Nexus Mods will allow you to carry more than what you can now. The name of this mod is Weight Lifting Plus, which modifies the default Weight Lifting Skill in the game.

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Credit: Nexus

The mod recalculates the weight of Resources, Weapons, and Spacesuits. Each Rank has corresponding perks, namely:

  • Rank 1 - Players can carry ten more kilograms of load, while Resources are 15% lighter.
  • Rank 2 - Resources and Weapons are 25% lighter, and players’ capacity increases by 25 kilograms.
  • Rank 3 - Resources, Weapons, and Spacesuits weigh 35% less, and the players can carry 50 kilograms more than the default.
  • Rank 4 - Players’ load capacity increases by 100 kilograms. Resources, Weapons, and Spacesuit are now half their usual weight, while the player resists staggering by 50%.

The modder notes that the Spacesuit perks also apply to the Helmets and Packs. He does warn, however, to have a save game backed up before installing the mod in case an update comes out that negates the effects in your game.

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Credit: X

With virtually unlimited opportunities for collecting in Starfield, this mod is a divine intervention.

Real life has several opportunities, including the Starfield-themed Doritos packaging spotted last month in retail stores. Some of these items even include a free month of Game Pass for those who buy them.

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