Gigantic Vasco Invades Starfield

vasco starfield

vasco starfield

As your companion robot in Starfield, you’d wish the faithful Constellation workhorse, Vasco, would be much bigger and more intimidating. After all, he’s been designed to tread worlds and environments that can be difficult for humans without specialized armor and other equipment.

Well, if you’ve always wanted your own giant mech as a companion, this mod is the one for you. As its name suggests, it transforms Vasco from a human-sized robot into a gigantic mech that’s not only fully functional and helpful but also looks great for photos.

As you would’ve guessed, the mod's name is “Vasco Titan.”

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Credit: Nexus

If you take a look at the picture, Vasco towers over the rocks of this unnamed planet that the modder had him walking around in. According to the modder, he made it possible for you to assign a set scale size to Vasco and other NPCs.

The standard size is 3.5, but you’ll have to set a value between 6 and 10 to make him gigantic. He warns, however, that setting him to a scale of 10 could result in a few bugs, but they’re not game-breaking. You can even make him smaller if you want to, but it defeats the purposes of this mod.

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Credit: Reddit

Mechs are not exactly new to Starfield, although this is the first one that makes one a companion. In late September, somebody made a ship designed after the battlemechs of Armored Core and other similar games.

Vasco also can be made more useful as a ship’s crew member with the mod called “Vasco - All Ship Perks.” What this mod does is assign four ship perks and max out their value for Vasco, essentially making him a fully functioning crew member.

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