New Backgrounds Give Characters a Boost in Carrying Capacity

starfield potatoes

starfield potatoes

Encumbrance is one of the defining features of Starfield. This term refers to a player’s capability to carry a certain number of items without overloading. With Bethesda players’ tendency to hoard, this minute detail has become a big issue with the community.

It’s hilarious that Todd Howard responded to those complaints, stating that players can pick up those items but don’t always need to. In other words, you’re the one who over-encumbered yourself.

In any case, you can ease up on that pain with a new mod called “BeefyBackgrounds.”

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Credit: Nexus

This mod introduces multiple backgrounds, some of which have higher carrying capacities than the default backgrounds provided by the game. The best one of these is the Pack Mule pictured above.

The Pack Mule increases your total carrying capacity by 30%. A similar background, the Pack Rat, boosts your ship’s storage space by 25%.

Other traits are offensive buffs, like the Quickest Hands in the West, which gives players a 15% boost in reload speed. The trait Hush, on the other hand, lets silenced weapons dish out 25% more pain to your targets but also reduces the damage of unsilenced weapons by 25%.

Last but not least, if you are frustrated by the time you jog on planetary surfaces to reach your destination, you can try the Sprinter trait. It lets you move faster but also consumes your oxygen supply faster. But who would want to be like that, even in a game?

Speaking of traits, have you tried the Kid Stuff trait? It comes with free goodies from your parents but also compels you to provide them with 2% of your weekly earnings. That shouldn’t be a lot, especially when you receive a free ship and a spacesuit in return.

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