Ship of the Week - Unnamed B-Class Ship Gets a Makeover



All Starfield players receive a vanilla Nova Galactic Frontier at the beginning of the game - that’s an indisputable fact. Throughout the story, you’ll either buy, steal, or receive other ships that, more often than not, need to get some work done in the Ship Building department.

This is where players get the opportunity to shine or fall into obscurity. There are some, like this Redditor ameliog, who more than just stepped up to the task but excelled in it. You might disagree with this, but feel free to look at this piece of art!

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Credit: Reddit/ameliog

According to the Redditor, the ship was given to them “a little basic,” but with the help of “a few gallons of paint”- and maybe a little architecture and design - they turned the vessel’s appearance around—the result - a sleek-looking spacefarer’s steed with bright white lines and sleek blue accents.

The color theme reminds us of Gundam mobile suits from the famous Japanese franchise.

However, there’s little information about the ship from the Redditor outside of its designated class - Class B. They don’t even have a name for it! In any case, check out the user’s gallery on Reddit and witness the ship’s beautiful transformation.

Are you tired of spending hours designing the outside of your ship and finding out that you cannot customize the interiors at all? This mod, which allows you to access the Ship Builder from inside your cockpit and use it to personalize your interiors, might be what you need!

Make sure to check the latest Steam Beta patch for Starfield! This is your opportunity to try out the game’s FSR3 plugin and leave feedback for the developers.

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