New Starfield Mod Lets You Customize Ship Interiors

character in cockpit of ship, other ship outside view screen

character in cockpit of ship, other ship outside view screen

Starfield’s customization options in shipbuilding can be severely limited. Although there are various opportunities for fan creation, there’s one area you cannot customize when shipbuilding. That is the interior area of your vessel.

While one can create different looks for your ship, the interiors remain the same. However, players can now do precisely that, thanks to a new mod that has appeared on Nexus Mods.

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Credit: Nexus Mods

Aptly called “Customizable Ship Interiors,” the mod lets you do that via a panel added to the game. When the mod has been installed, all the player needs to do is get inside their ship and open the console.

They will need to enter the command “bat customship” on the console to enable a panel found under their character. The panel will let them access the Builder Mode while inside their ship. Now, they can personalize their ship interiors as they see fit.

The mod creator, dreamsoundzz, warned that the mod can cause instability in the game since it is still in its early phases. They recommend saving the game before attempting to use the mod to preserve data in case of loss.

Aside from this mod allowing users to customize their ships, Bethesda has inserted an emotional Easter Egg in Starfield every fan should find. This is a note from Alex Hay, a real-life iOS developer who sadly passed away in April this year, only five months before the full release.

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Credit: Bethesda

You can find the note at the end of a blocked airlock in The Eye. It says:

To all my friends and fellow explorers, I'm always with you, out there in the starfield. Love always, Alex Hay.”

In other news, Starfield, along with the release of the 1TB edition of the Xbox Series X, has catapulted the sales of both Xbox Series S and X in the UK to a 76% increase from August 27 to September 2.

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