Ship of the Week - Player Decides to Literally Give a Flying F***

starfield ship

starfield ship

There’s a saying among us human beings that if we don’t like somebody or have no particular interest in the latest news, we say we don’t give a flying f***. In Starfield, somebody decided that he gave a flying f*** and expressed what was on his mind.

The result? A huge ship shaped like the F-word that can fly off into space. Yes, a flying f-word.

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Credit: Nexus
Forgive the crudity

As you can see, this ship was built to turn heads around. It’s adorned in four bright primary colors. It is tall, with clearly an emphasis on vertical construction rather than horizontal. Indeed, if it flies above New Atlantis, everyone in the United Colonies will know that somebody out there gives a flying f***.

We can imagine how this ship performs in combat. The cockpit is much lower than it should be, which gives other pilots a hard time disabling it in preparation for boarding.

But who knows? Maybe the builder, user jamiemakesthingsmove, flies this ship around for the video and photo opportunities.

We all understand that everybody wants to be creative in Starfield’s ship-building module, but this hilariously takes this to a whole new level!

He also uploaded a second video where the ship flies past a planet looking like Saturn, but Reddit removed the video. Why the site did not remove the original thread is a mystery.

How he created this ship is also a mystery since he gave no link to a tutorial, but there are other opportunities.

However, one of the most memorable creations in Ship Builder was a near-identical reproduction of the deadly Star Destroyer from the Star Wars franchise. Take a look at how this was built for Starfield.

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