X User Shares Neat Trick to Adjust FOV

starfield space combat

starfield space combat

If you use a third-person view while space traveling in Starfield, more often than not, you’re face-to-face with a close-up of your ship’s posterior region. While some players cope perfectly with this view, others might find the camera's proximity to the ship slightly restrictive.

Fortunately, somebody on X (formerly Twitter) has shared a simple trick to help adjust that perspective and make it a little wider. Make sure to say “Thank you” to JayDook over at X, everybody.

For those that can’t view the video yet, this is how you adjust the FOV to make it a little wider and farther from the butt of your favorite vessel in Starfield.

First, you’ll need to ensure you’re currently in the third-person perspective. While in third person, open up Photo Mode. However, you won’t be taking pictures. Instead, look for the Field of View option in the Camera menu.

You will need to move the slider to the left. The farther to the left it is, the wider your field of view will be. Once satisfied, exit Photo Mode and the changes will be applied to your game.

If you’re unhappy, you can always return to Photo Mode and make the necessary adjustments as you see fit.

Many players were understandably disappointed when Microsoft decided Starfield would be a PC/Xbox exclusive. However, if the competing companies could agree, Starfield could make it to other consoles without breaking exclusivity.

This is through the Game Pass subscription service, which Xbox CFO Tim Stuart said they are planning to bring to other networks, including the PlayStation and Nintendo networks.

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