First Ever Nexus Mods Manager App Coming to the Steam Deck

nexus mods steam deck

The first Nexus Mods manager app is finally on its way. This app will make it easier for PC and Steam Deck owners to install and run mods from the mod hosting website for their favorite games, like Starfield.

This news is based on the presentation done by lead developer Tim Baldridge during the Community Creations Con last Saturday and Sunday.

During his panel at C3, Baldridge confirmed that they are making the Nexus Mods desktop app compatible with the Linux operating system specifically for Steam Desk users.

He also added that 800p, the Steam Deck’s native resolution, is one of the three resolutions that they are optimizing the app for, along with 1440p and 1080p.

The Nexus Mods developer also revealed that they are foregoing the Mod Organizer 2’s virtual file system and employing a different method of saving and running mods.

Baldridge said the app will instead use hashing to create snapshots of the installation folders so that users can roll updates back if some mods are problematic to their game.

As for the future, he said that they’ll be developing an OSX version as soon as they have the free time available.

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Credit: Bethesda
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The Nexus Mods manager app will also be available to Windows PCs running Windows 10 and higher. Unfortunately, modders and users running older versions of Windows will have to upgrade their OS to run the tool.

Nexus Mods recently released their year-end report for 2023, where Starfield has found a spot as one of the top 20 games on Nexus. The game has over 6,500 mods; one mod, Star UI, has been downloaded 1 billion times since its launch in September.

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