COD Warzone Set To Collab With Bethesda’s Fallout

image of cod operators wearing fallout outfits
Credit: X / @charlieINTEL

image of cod operators wearing fallout outfits
Credit: X / @charlieINTEL

With a massive franchise like Call of Duty, it is expected to find leaked and datamined game files about new updates or titles across social media. The latest leaks tell us that Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone will soon enjoy collaborating with Bethesda’s Fallout.

Posted on X by @charlieINTEL, the image shows MW3 Operators, including Ghost and Captain Price, donning the iconic vaultboy outfit from the Fallout games and TV show. The image also has the name of a Tracer Pack called Fallout: Vault Dweller. Tracer Packs contain weapon skins, loading screens, stickers, and charms.

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The thread had mixed reception toward the crossover collaboration, with some getting excited about the content while others were quite skeptical about how the operators looked. Some even wanted to see a Fallout Power Armor and a New California Republic Ranger from Fallout New Vegas as an operator.

While the poster for the Tracer Pack indicates its name, the pricing for it is still unknown. Based on recent Tracer Pack prices, the Fallout Tracer Pack should cost around 2,400 CoD Points.

an image of cod operators wearing fallout outfits
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X / @charlieINTEL

In other Fallout news, the latest Meat Week for Fallout 76 is still underway. Participants can win exclusive items and plushies to decorate their C.A.M.P.s. The latest Skyline Valley update will also be released next month, so get prepped with the best buff and food offerings from Fallout 76’s Buff N Brew community service.

Whether you are excited about the latest Fallout collaboration or looking forward to Fallout 76’s Skyline Valley update, stay updated with the latest Bethesda news here at Starfield Portal.

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