Succulent Meats Are Back on the Menu in the Latest Fallout 76 Event

An image of Vault Boy with Grahm's Meat Week
Credit: Bethesda

An image of Vault Boy with Grahm's Meat Week
Credit: Bethesda

With a recent hotfix and news about the Skyline Valley, you would think Bethesda would be slowing things down. Far from it, Fallout 76's community event, Meat Week, is back in full swing with post-apocalyptic meat enthusiasts Grahm and Chally.

From May 21 to June 4, the duo will need the community’s assistance to create the best cookout in Appalachia.

An image showcasing Meat Week Plushies
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Credit: Bethesda

For new players who have just taken their first step outside Vault 76, Fallout 76’s Meat Week will activate two seasonal events. These events require players to gather meat and cook some barbecue for time-limited rewards.

The first event, Primal Cuts, happens every 15 minutes at three locations on the world map, where Grahm has set bait to attract appetizing wildlife. Players must bang a drum to initiate the event and survive waves of hostile and dangerous creatures while collecting Prime Meat.

Stronger enemies yield more valuable meat, so players must be well-equipped. They will then take the meat collected to Grahm's cooking camp in the Forest in exchange for some Legendary scrip.

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Grahm will then begin grilling and roasting the meat, making it perfect for camp barbecues. This cook-off happens during the second event, Grahm’s Meat Cook, which starts every hour.

To ensure top-notch meat quality, aspiring barbecue connoisseurs must help Grahm perform various tasks related to a barbecue party. These include putting out fires, cleaning up, and making music.

The better the meat cooks, the happier Grahm gets! Just make sure that the meat isn’t burnt like these books—burnt meat is less valuable!

An image featuring Meat Week's Plushies
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Credit: Bethesda

The rewards earned for participating in this fantastic grilling frenzy are worth all the combined efforts. From a pre-war Vault-Tec cooking station called Weenie Wagon to ancient fossils and meat-related plushies, players can expect to have a great time with Fallout 76’s new Meat Week.

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