Photo of the Week - Spacefarer Contemplates the Shattered Space DLC

todd howard starfield pensive spacefarer
Credit: X/Bethesda

todd howard starfield pensive spacefarer
Credit: X/Bethesda

Bethesda has the Starfield player community buzzing once more after its chief executive, Todd Howard, blurted out in a live interview that the Shattered Space DLC will be released in the fall of this year. However, the reveal ended on that note and left fans hanging.

Many players have found themselves wondering again about the Starfield DLC, Shattered Space, thanks to Todd Howard himself revealing that release window during a live interview on a podcast with Kinda Funny Games.

With no details available, people have no choice but to go back to tired old theories previously discussed online.

One of these players is X user Jay Dook, an artist who has published several stunning photos on his account documenting his wanderings and endeavors in the Settled Systems in Starfield. This post, however, has a more subtle tone, with Jay Dook’s character simply sitting down and staring at the sunset.

starfield pensive spacefarer photo of the week
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Credit: X/JayDook
Sitting on Sumati thinking about all the #Starfield Shattered Space DLC theories

The caption reads: “Sitting on Sumati thinking about all the #Starfield Shattered Space DLC theories.”

With the maelstroms of bad reviews and hordes of trolls hounding every Starfield post on the Internet, this picture encapsulates the feeling of waiting forever that Bethesda fans are no strangers to—one of the most beautiful pieces of in-game photography we have seen yet for Starfield.

Fortunately, the new update, Update 1.11.33, on Steam Beta promises groundbreaking changes that will transform the Starfield experience. For instance, you no longer have to download a mod - and have it break down with every update - to enjoy the game in Survival mode because all you have to do now is tweak the settings.

As for Shattered Space, if the rumors are true, we only have to wait four months before we can finally see if any popular theories about the DLC are true. We may even find out more during the Xbox Showcase next month!

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