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player lying under a bronze bird

player lying under a bronze bird

There are plenty of things to do in Starfield, Bethesda’s newest intellectual property. These include exploring the galaxy, killing monsters to find loot, doing missions for other people, and building ships and outposts.

Because it’s a single-player game, there are no opportunities for multiplayer combat that would make the game a bit more exciting than it already is.

Jais1993, a modder on Nexus Mods, took that into account and created a mod for those who are looking for a bit more of a challenge from Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present Deadfield - A Survival Difficulty Mod.

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Credit: Nexus Mods

True to its name, the mod tweaks difficulty settings in Starfield and makes the playing field between you and the enemies level. You now have equal damage multipliers with your enemy, making it easier for them to kill you and vice versa.

Leveling up in RPGs has one obvious perk - you earn increases to your stats, including health. Jais1993’s creation removes that, meaning that your Level 1 HP and your companions will remain the same no matter how many levels you climb.

Your enemies, however, retain their stats.

If you feel you’re up to the increased challenge, download the mod from Nexus Mods.

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Credit: Nexus Mods

Speaking of mods, we also featured the Slower Than Light on our Mod of the Week entry. This mod solves the main problem of space travel - the long travel times required to travel from planet to planet within Star Systems.

With this mod, you can now travel at speeds of up to 100 times the speed of light. With this, system travel should take no more than a few minutes instead of the required hours.

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