Starfield Now Has Survival Mode Options

sarah morgan ready for combat starfield

sarah morgan ready for combat starfield

Many players have complained that opponents in Starfield go down too quickly without inflicting any damage to the player. The new gameplay customization in Update 1.11.33 should put those worries to rest.

Bethesda has officially rolled out its biggest update for public testing through Steam’s Steam Beta platform. The patch, officially referred to as 1.11.33, will be scrutinized by any Starfield players who participate for a couple of weeks before it becomes publicly available.

One user on X noticed that the new update brings multiple gameplay adjustments that could be utilized to make a Survival mode.

X user Joseph noted that they can tweak specific settings to make it more difficult for players to survive combat encounters. If you look at this beta participant’s screenshot, there are several ways you can make Starfield more challenging than before.

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For instance, you could crank up the Player Combat Damage setting to make your characters take on more damage while dialing down the Food Healing setting so you don’t gain back as much HP when you eat while fighting enemies.

While making the game more challenging, tweaking settings to the most difficult option rewards you with more XP.

Food must also be consumed to stay strong, with a Sustenance option being highlighted. Besides hoarding as many potatoes as possible, without these options, food in the game had been mostly pointless to collect outside of its restorative nature. Even then, food won't heal as much as a Med Pack will.

Lead Producer Joe Mueller discussed these settings in an official Bethesda video, but given his limited time, he could only touch on the customizable combat settings on the surface level.

Things look exciting now for Starfield with this new update, which, if no changes are required from the Steam Beta period, is scheduled to be released to all platforms on May 15.

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