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real life space egg and sausage

real life space egg and sausage

Bethesda’s newest space-themed role-playing game Starfield has more than 6 million users - and counting! - playing it right now. With so much creativity between them, it would only be a matter of time before somebody brings a gameplay element into reality.

As Starfield’s official X account revealed today, someone did take the time to recreate the iconic in-game food - Chunks!

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Credit: X/Starfield

Chunks are the game’s ubiquitous food items. They come in various flavors and types. There are egg chunks, beef chunks, and even soft drink chunks. They are named as such because they have a box-shaped appearance.

Each chunk also has unique effects on the player that consumes them. One chunk may give you a health boost, while the other may cancel an effect that has been placed on your character.

It turns out now that somebody decided to put a twist on their typical breakfast food. They created chunk-shaped meatloaf and fried eggs, and added pork and beans.

The post didn’t mention how they achieved the shape. However, you’ll have to use creativity and imagination to imitate their example.

It’s incredible how many great things people bring onto the game and, now, into reality.

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Credit: Reddit

Take a look at last week’s Ship of the Week. Someone made a ship whose design was faithful to the original Futurama Planet Express or as near to it as the Shipbuilding functionality’s limitations allowed the player.

Other fabulous creations include Thomas the Tank Engine, the X-Wing Starfighter, and the Millennium Falcon.

Outposts are another venue where players can exercise their sense of aesthetics and design. On the planet Jemison, for example, someone made an outpost with twin turbines and a suspension bridge. We liked it so much that we featured it as our Outpost of the Week.

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