Starfield Outpost of the Week - Jemison Outpost 1

outpost with a space backdrop

outpost with a space backdrop

Starfield Portal will browse the galleries on various social media sites each week and pick a fan-created outpost that we will feature on our weekly “Outpost of the Week” content.

For this week, we’ve picked an output created by Reddit user _Master_Ace_ on the planet Jemison in New Atlantis.

_Master_Ace_ uploaded his creation on Reddit on September 3 during early access, in which only Premium and Constellation members could participate. The outpost is situated outside the city and features a river that can be crossed with a suspension bridge.

On a hill behind the outpost stand two giant wind turbines. Its caption said that these turbines are sustainable energy sources for the outpost. The outpost sits on the edge of a cliff beyond the river and features a trailer van and a spacecraft landing pad.

Don’t just take our word for it. Go ahead and take a look at _Master_Ace’s creation below.

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Credit: Reddit

Keep creating your fan content and posting it on social media websites, explorers. Who knows? Yours might be the next outpost we feature here on Starfield Portal!

Starfield does more than cross the vast expanse of space. It’s also steamrolling through milestones just five days after its launch.

On September 7, the official Starfield X account posted that the game had already reached a player base of six million, while the early access period showed 1 million players who bought the Premium and Constellation editions.

Today, Steam announced that Starfield has seen an all-time peak player count of 325,520. This figure surpasses Skyrim's, which peaked at only 287,411 in 2011.

Indeed, Starfield is Bethesda’s largest and most successful launch ever.

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