Starfield at Gamescom - 5 Things We Want to Learn

Todd Howard show off the constellation watch
Credit: Bethesda

Todd Howard show off the constellation watch
Credit: Bethesda

Gamescom is a trade show for video games hosted every year in Cologne, Germany. Recently Xbox announced they would be doing a special presentation for Starfield at the event.

Here are 5 things we want to learn about Starfield from the gamescom presentation -

Constellation Watch

In game first person view of the explorers watch
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Credit: Bethesda
Pip-Boy has a new sleeker cousin

Of course, Starfield has a collector's edition, mostly sold out at the moment, the Constellation Edition is highly sought after. The crown jewel of this edition is naturally the Constellation Watch. Seeming to mostly be a step-counting, time-telling, smartwatch, Bethesda did not go into much detail during the Starfield Direct.

The reason we want to learn more about this is due to Fallout 4 and its Pip-Boy collector's edition. Pip-Boy allowed players to place their smartphone inside, and connect the accompanying app to the game. It then would allow you to take the role-playing one step further, by wearing the Pip-Boy, and using it as your character does in the game. Giving the Constellation Watch a similar app and functionality would definitely please a lot of fans.


A look at ship building in game
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Credit: Bethesda
Will we see mods on launch?

Bethesda games and mods go together like ice cream and chocolate. Todd Howard openly talks about supporting modding of his games, and mod support is officially added to even console versions of their recent games. Fans are already making plans for the first Starfield mods, so more info is needed.

Bethesda has a Creation Club which brings the modding community together. Here you will find officially approved mods that will drastically change up your game. We need to know if the Creation Club and mods will be in Starfield from day one.

Space Travel

A first person view of the spaceships cockpit
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Credit: Bethesda
How far will you go into the Starfield?

While we have seen that Starfield will have some sort of space travel element to get across the galaxy, there is still more to uncover. Battles between spaceships have also been confirmed in the dogfights seen during the direct. We need the Starfield gamescom presentation to peel back some more layers.

We need to know the actual depth of the freedom you have, once you are in space. It has been shown that take-off and landing will be automatic via cut scene and that land vehicles won't feature. What we need to know is if we can fly around between planets freely, or if there are set areas with boundaries surrounding each world.

Intelligent Life

The blond haired adoring fan looks at the player
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Credit: Bethesda
Maybe lifeforms in the galaxy won't be intelligent after all...

We already know some of the various creatures and monsters that Starfield has to offer. What we don't know yet is if there are other species that are intelligent or selectable as a race to play as.

Now, Starfield seems to be more of a grounded RPG for sure, but they could still be hiding a huge part of the characters in the game. Considering the main quest in Starfield revolves around an ancient alien artifact, we would be shocked if we don't find out that there is intelligent life among the stars.


The words - Starfield Shattered Space First Story Expansion
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Credit: Bethesda
Shattered Space will be the first story DLC, but what's next?

We all know Bethesda games launch with bugs, lots of them. Despite Xbox claiming that Starfield is the "least buggy" Bethesda game, it will still have bugs. Patches are almost a guarantee, but what else are we going to get between Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6?

Now, you might think this is crazy talk considering just how big Starfield is going to be. However, Bethesda has already announced the first story DLC for the game with Shattered Space, so what else is on the horizon? We would like to know a little about their plans going forth, and hopefully Starfield at gamescom will provide the answers.

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