Fallout Live-Action Series Release Times Confirmed

fallout prime video show release times
Credit: Prime Video

fallout prime video show release times
Credit: Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has removed the guesswork and is counting down the global release of the Fallout live-action adaptation, with an infographic showing when the show drops by time zone.

Fallout fans worldwide are eagerly counting down the time today following Amazon Prime Video’s announcement yesterday that it is releasing the live-action series one day early today, April 10.

To prevent confusion and temper the excitement, Amazon has released an infographic detailing the time the series will be released worldwide and in what time zone. Check out that specific infographic released on the Prime Video official X account.

According to the announcement yesterday by Walton Goggins, the Fallout live-action adaptation will be available on Prime Video starting today at 6 PM Pacific Time. This translates to the following release times below:

  • 10 PM Brazilian Time, April 10
  • 9 PM Eastern Time (US), April 10
  • 7 PM Mexico Time (CDMX), April 10
  • 1 PM New Zealand Standard Time, April 11
  • 11 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time, April 11
  • 10 AM Japan Standard Time, April 11
  • 9 AM Singapore time, April 11
  • 6:30 AM Indian Standard Time, April 11
  • 4 AM Eastern European Summer Time, April 11
  • 3 AM Central European Summer Time, April 11
  • 2 AM British Summer Time, April 11

Wherever you are, set your alarms to be the first to catch the live-action show! You might also want to check out the following food party ideas to accompany your viewing of the first-ever live-action adaptation of The Wasteland.

The Fallout series is less than 12 hours away. While waiting, you can try watching the World of Fallout featurette or the second official trailer from Prime Video.

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