Spice up Your Fallout Watch Party With These Wasteland Dishes

Howard Cooper live-action fallout
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Howard Cooper live-action fallout
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Fallout fans worldwide have less than a day before the live-action series from Prime Video drops all eight episodes on the streaming and subscription service. However, it’s not too late to consider these watch party ideas to mark the series premiere with a bang.

With Amazon’s announcement yesterday that the Fallout live-action series will premiere on April 10 instead of the previous April 11 release, fans only have to wait 12 hours before the series becomes available for viewing. It’s close, but viewers have the whole day to organize their evening watch parties celebrating the show’s launch.

They could take the streaming to the next level with a Fallout-themed dinner party. Any meal can do, but here are some suggestions, courtesy of Bethesda itself, to make your dinner feel more like a treat from the Wasteland.

fallout 4 cooking Wasteland-style
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Credit: Bethesda/screenshot
Cooking, Wasteland-style

Yumyum Bedeviled Eggs (Appetizer)

This appetiser takes less than half an hour to prepare. It consists of a dozen boiled eggs with miso soup, mayonnaise, and spices. These are perfect snacks to munch on while watching the first episode!

Baked Bloatfly with Blamco Mac and Cheese

Don’t let the name fool you—this is a delicious mixture of vegetables, special Nuka-Cola barbecue sauce, and everyone’s favorite Mac and Cheese. It is the main course and is best eaten while watching the second to fourth episodes.

Perfectly Preserved Pie

With the main course taken care of, it’s time to indulge the sweet tooth with the perfect vanilla cheesecake topped with a sugary strawberry drizzle. This might also be a good time for a short intermission with a track from Inon Zur’s Fallout playlist.

Nuka-Cola Cherry

Last but not least, finish the night off—no matter where in the series you are—with a beloved drink of seltzer water with ice mixed with sweet cherry syrup from the Wasteland.

The following 12 hours (or less) is an exciting time! We look forward to your watch parties and shared experiences enjoying the first-ever Fallout live-action series, courtesy of Amazon Prime Video.

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