Fallout Showrunner Compares Live-Action Series to Batman, Fallout 5

jonathan nolan fallout series showrunner
Credit: Bethesda/Wikimedia

jonathan nolan fallout series showrunner
Credit: Bethesda/Wikimedia

The anticipation builds as the countdown to the live-action Fallout series' premiere on Prime Video next month, on April 12, continues. With the premiere just a few weeks away, executive producer Jonathan Nolan took the time to discuss the project with Total Film.

Jonathan Nolan, the executive producer of the upcoming series and brother of The Dark Knight film series director Christopher Nolan, shared some intriguing insights about his current project.

fallout showrunner Jonathan Nolan
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Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Jonathan Nolan

The showrunner said in the interview that Fallout is similar to the theoretical successor in the Fallout game series, Fallout 5, and his brother’s Batman project.

The executive producer, who co-wrote the Dark Knight films with his brother, explained that the Fallout series and Batman are similar. He pointed out that both universes lack a canonical version, allowing for various interpretations and stories, much like the Caped Crusader’s universe.

Nolan continued this comparison with the Fallout games, pointing out that each installment features a different time setting and place, a distinct protagonist, and a separate story from the others.

Thus, he added, he felt like the production is “almost like… Fallout 5,” pointing out that their creation is closest to being a game sequel, “just a non-interactive version of it.”

todd howard bethesda director
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Credit: Bethesda
Todd Howard, Bethesda executive

Nolan had previously said that Todd Howard, the executive producer of the Fallout games and Starfield, had made the Fallout 5 comparison with the production from another view. The Bethesda exec had reportedly said it was like the show creators were writing the fifth game in the series.

While Fallout 5 is still far off the horizon, Fallout fans still have plenty to look forward to for Fallout 4. Bethesda has yet to release the next-gen update for the game, which it announced a delay for in December last year.

There’s also the Fallout London mod, which will finally be released a week after the premiere of the Fallout live-action series.

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