YouTuber Attempts to Explain ‘Storm’ Painting For Fallout 76

fallout 76

fallout 76

In a press release, Jon Rush revealed that Fallout 76 will have a big expansion southward to Shenandoah National Park sometime next year. He teased the update with a digital painting of a storm of red lightning striking what seems to be a lodge in the middle of a huge national park.

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Credit: Bethesda

Rush, however, did not go into details in the press release, preferring to announce that there will be more Seasonal Events in 2024 than ever before. A YouTuber, however, did not waste any time and tried to analyze the enigmatic message.

One of the things that the video discussed is the choice of direction the expansion would take. According to YouTuber Uranium Fever, several characters have already indicated in Fallout 76 that things are happening in the South.

For instance, the game’s sole Mothman Camp follower had indicated that his faction within the Mothmen came from what he called “The Lantern.”

This is a currently unknown location but is hinted to be found south of the Appalachians. It is considered close enough for the cultists to return on foot after their excursions.

Uranium Fever also made references to Lane, the newest character, who made hints that the direction of the cultists’ expansion indicated their origins as well.

The video also touched on the big building in the center of the art piece, which Uranium Fever opined must be the Big Meadows Lodge in the real-life Shenandoah National Park.

He also theorized that the red lightning must be linked to the enigmatic ATLAS Observatory owned by the U.S. Military in the pre-war days.

There are plenty of new content to look forward to for Fallout 76 in 2024. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the next announcement before Spring 2024 when the expansion, Atlantic City - America’s Playground, comes out.

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