Fallout 76 - America's Playground Full Patch Notes

fallout 76 americas playground

fallout 76 americas playground

Good morning, fellow Wastelanders. What a glorious day it is in Appalachia!

Bethesda has released the full patch notes for the highly anticipated America's Playground expansion update for Fallout 76.

It's finally time to head back to Atlantic City, do some exploring, fight the Overgrown, and even unravel the mystery behind the Russo family in a multi-mission questline.

Fallout 76 - America's Playground
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Credit: Bethesda

You can check out all the details of this enormous update below.


  • America’s Playground Return to Atlantic City to help Mayor Tim against the invasion of Overgrown.
  • New Questline Unravel a deadly plot hiding in the closet of the glamorous Russo Family in this new multi-mission questline.
  • Explore the Boardwalk This update expands our take on post-nuclear New Jersey. Explore further into the city and take on new Side Quests. There are new faces to meet, so make sure you go say hi!
  • Changes to Seasons We are introducing changes to our Seasons system to offer you more flexibility when earning rewards. Please read the Seasons Changes section below for more information.


Check the download sizes below for today’s update on your platform of choice:

  • PC (Steam): 17.1GB
  • PC (Microsoft Store): 27.1GB
  • Xbox: 27.08GB
  • PlayStation: 26.1GB


When we last left the glitzy boardwalk of Atlantic City, we had run a deadly game show with the Showmen and even encountered The Family, the local organized crime outfit. Now, the leader of Atlantic City’s own Municipal Government, Mayor Tim, calls upon your help against an invasion of Overgrown. Can you fend off the dangerous plant-like beings encroaching upon Atlantic City in this all-new Expedition Mission?


Back home in Appalachia, players will embark upon a new multi-mission questline surrounding the glamorous Russo Family. Opening a new nightclub in Appalachia, the Russos hope to start a quieter – though still comfortable – life away from the rat race of Atlantic City. Sadly, that won’t be in the cards: As a deadly plot unfolds, players must uncover the skeletons (or perhaps devils) lurking in the Russo family’s closet in this new quest coming to Fallout 76.


Atlantic City – America’s Playground also expands upon Fallout’s take of post-nuclear New Jersey, allowing players to further explore the City at their own leisure or even take on new Side Quests. Meet with the local merchants and shop or even pass on the torch within The Family's inner circle!

And that's not all for us vault-dwellers, we even got some information on some major season changes, check the info out, this looks like a good one.


The Scoreboard is changing to a new and improved Seasons Menu! At the start of every new season, you'll be able to view all the exciting rewards you can earn and even the rewards offered after rank 100! Rewards are displayed across multiple pages, which can be unlocked as you reach the required rank. Every time you rank up, you will earn 25 Tickets which can be redeemed for rewards on the pages you've unlocked. Just like with the Scoreboard, all you need to do to increase your rank is earn S.C.O.R.E. by completing challenges.

Please Note: Make sure you use all your tickets before the end of the season as unused tickets expire and do not carry over.

All players will have access to the base rewards in each season, just like the Scoreboard. Fallout 1st members will automatically have access to the Fallout 1st Season Pass which provides access to the premium rewards in each season. We’re offering something new with Season 16 - non-Fallout 1st players will be able to purchase the Fallout 1st Season Pass in-game with Atoms to gain access to these rewards.

Challenges and the S.C.O.R.E. required to gain a rank in seasons have not changed as part of this update and players can expect to make progress at the same rate as in the previous seasons.




  • Fixed preview of snare drum, accordion, and guitar.
  • Fixed graphical issue with Ultracite laser beams when using the Beam Focuser Mod.
  • Fixed an issue with certain Fasnacht masks not properly displaying in the Display Case.
  • Fixed carry and throw previews in Pip-Boy.
  • Tax Evasion: Added caps icon for the Stolen Winnings when viewed in inventory menus.
  • Added new preview when you transform miscellaneous item to 'Wet Floor Sign.'


  • The Mechanical Derby Game inside of the Showman’s Pier Arcade now provides an intelligence buff.
  • Aquarium Sign now grants proper amount of plastic when scrapping.
  • Fixed an issue where players would see the word “Chain” displaying on screen after using certain weapons.
  • Players can navigate the map menu using movement buttons, rather than just the arrow keys.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the user from firing in VATS when they swapped their mouse buttons.
  • Fixed an issue causing NPCs to remain invulnerable when not expected to.
  • Fixed an issue causing Expedition team members to be removed from an Expedition.


  • Various localization fixes in all languages


  • Added additional quest intro animations.
  • Municipal Auditor Subtitle names are now consistent between enemies.
  • “A Better Tomorrow”: Fixed an issue that prevented the quest from resetting properly.
  • “The Most Sensational Game”: The quest is no longer blocked when resuming an expedition on the first objective.
  • “Wayward Souls”: Fixed an issue that would cause Duchess to loop dialogue forever if the player chose the Luck option when confronting Batter.
  • Quest targets should now correctly point between Atlantic City and Appalachia locations.
  • Continued balance changes and iteration in key quest combat encounters.
  • Fixed several issues with resuming speaking to NPCs after logging off during a quest objective.
  • Fixed additional "checkpointing" bugs when logging out during certain quest objectives.
  • Continued balance changes and iteration in key quest combat encounters.


  • Fixed the naming of the “Handmade Rifle Aligned Grip.”
  • Energy Weapons now get +65% damage bonus to Scorched from Prime Receiver to make it consistent with other weapons.
  • Berry Mentats should work properly with Chem Fiend Level 1 Perk.
  • Headlamps for X01, T45, T60, T51, and Raider Power Armor are now again attached to Power Armor Helmets.
  • The West Virginia slot machine UI now requests the original 10 Cap entry cost & deducts the original 10 cap amount per activation.
  • Purveyor Murmrgh will only reward Union Power Armor pieces once the plans have been learned.
  • Atlantic City vendors will no longer open the trade menu automatically when talked with.
  • Fixed a bug where "Protest Sign" melee weapon had the symbol of a Pistol in the Quick Inventory Menu
  • Changed the text on the Lock and Load Perk Card to reflect the actual buffs to heavy weapons reload speed of 20/40/60 rather than the displayed 10/20/30 percent speed.
  • Fixed an issue where Robot Stein Displays could not be built in the CAMP, even when the player has previously learned the plan.
  • Reduced damage from Robobrain's smoke bomb attack.
  • We standardized backpack mod names.
  • The player can now eat Meat or a Corpse and receive 2x the benefits, including better Hunger fulfillment, when having the Carnivore Mutation.
  • Fixed an error in the Mutant's Ultracite Right Arm description.


  • Strikethroughs are now more accurate on large dynamic bundles.
  • Fixed a UI issue with Flyouts disappearing after the player opens the map.
  • Fixed an issue where the "place a marker button" was incorrectly starting the next expedition when looking at the map.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Expedition marker to occasionally appear when making your character.
  • Fixed an issue where a legendary item model stayed on screen for longer than expected.


  • Various fixes to item textures.
  • Various fixes to floating objects.


  • Fixed an issue around time-gated Expedition rewards not properly resetting.
  • Players now receive a reward for matching 3 "thumb" symbols in the Atlantic City Slot Machine.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs didn't have collision while sitting.
  • Fixed an issue preventing certain Overgrown from being properly decapitated.
  • Pollinators should now correctly explode when killed.
  • Several adjustments were made to equipped items and apparel on certain NPCs.
  • Cleaned up several typos and subtitle/spoken dialogue mismatches.
  • Removed some extra plans from Giuseppe's vendor inventory.
  • Adjusted NPC placement and spacing in a few key conversations.

Wow, that's a long list of changes. There's also an exciting update to Atlantic City and what looks to be a great new season for Fallout 76.

If that isn't enough, the Fallout 4 remaster for next-gen is just around the corner, possibly launching near or alongside Amazon's live-action Fallout show, and the incredible-looking fan mod - Fallout London is also releasing a week after the show drops. It's a great time to be a Fallout fan!

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