What Could the Upcoming Fallout 4 Next-Gen Update Bring?

fallout 4 next gen

fallout 4 next gen

There’s plenty of hype now for the upcoming Fallout 4 next-gen update, especially since it has been delayed once more to sometime this year instead of late last year as previously announced.

Aside from the graphics and performance updates it is expected to bring, what else can we look forward to from the patch?

Bethesda has not specified anything else outside of its official announcement in 2022. However, Game Rant has a couple of theories about what new features this update will bring to the table when it comes out.

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First, Game Rant’s Kevin Friend writes that the update may bring an opportunity for a crossover between Fallout 4 and the upcoming live-action series from Prime Video. The article points to such an opportunity for the ghoul character played by Walter Goggins; ghouls have remarkable longevity, given that the child Billy supposedly survived 200 years inside a refrigerator.

Second, Friend theorizes that the update may introduce expansions to the game’s weapon arsenals, which means new guns, armor, and in-game consumables. The writer even suggested that the update may expand the story, given that various areas in the Commonwealth are vacant and could be used in new storylines and quests.

However, there’s still no definite date for the release of the next-gen patch. Theories point to either April or November this year as likely release dates. April is notable because it is also the same month the Fallout live-action series premieres on Prime Video.

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