Player’s Dana Scully Character Attracts Bethesda Manager’s Attention



Believe it or not, Bethesda’s community managers are actually on the lookout for interesting threads in the Starfield Subreddit. They’re not just limited to answering negative sentiments - of which there are plenty to consume an entire workday.

One example is when a Redditor decided to showcase their accidentally made character with an uncanny likeness to Dana Scully, the other half of the mystery busters in X-Files.

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Credit: 20th Century Fox TV

Even we were surprised by the unbelievable resemblance of the character to its TV show counterpart. Thus, it was unsurprising for us when Bethesda community manager JessBethesda jumped into the thread to comment. What did she say?

“Definitely nailed the skeptic dismissive look! I love this!” the comment said.

Don’t take our word for it. Take a look for yourself at how much this character looks like Scully.

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Credit: Reddit

Now, all we need is for her to trade barbs with the equally skeptic and steadfast Sarah Morgan. Unfortunately, we can’t do that because Bethesda has decided to keep the main character non-voiced, although two voice actors had recorded lines that were eventually unused. The voice actor and actress went on to provide the voices for Sam Coe and Andreja.

Designing characters around celebrities or their iconic characters has been a trend that has persisted since Starfield’s early access period. One of these characters, among others that have made it into Starfield through the character creation interface, is George Costanza from the series Seinfeld.

What do you think of this Dana Scully character 'accidentally' made by this Redditor? Let us know in the comments, or jump into the Reddit thread!

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