Randy Orton Says He’s 50 Hours Deep Into Starfield

randy orton starfield

randy orton starfield

It’s surprising how many celebrities are playing Starfield. The most prominent of these is Conan O’Brien, who played the game for his Clueless Gamer channel, where he chose to kill the hapless “space grandma.”

Many other celebrity names have since been discovered to have played Starfield at some point. The most recent is Randy Orton, also known as the WWE’s “Legend Killer.”

This was revealed by the 43-year-old champion wrestler when Logan Paul interviewed him. The champ said he mostly plays Zombies in Call of Duty but added that he has spent about 50 hours in Bethesda’s latest and most successful open-world RPG.

He also explained that his wife gives him, on average, an hour a day on games. Unfortunately, he did not specify what he had done in Starfield in the 50 hours he logged into the game.

Listen to Randy Orton talk about games at the 43-minute mark in the video below.

Celebrities have long since been used as character creation templates since Starfield was launched on September 6. The likes of Bryan Cranston’s Walter White, Ryan Gosling, Nicolas Cage, John Cena, and Jason Alexander’s George Costanza have all appeared via mods that create character creation presets.

Just recently, the top-billing cast of Rebel Moon: Part 1 appeared on a promotional video for a Jimmy custom Xbox Series X Xbox console. They played no other than Bethesda’s Starfield, specifically the ship combat part against space-borne opponents.

It turned out that, like his film character Kai, Charlie Hunnam is the best pilot of them all after he shot more spaceships down than his cast mates.

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