Bethesda Fires Back on All Bad Reviews on Steam

starfield steam

starfield steam

Every game gets bad reviews - that’s a given in this industry. There are both happy and unhappy players; Starfield is not an exception, especially those not pleased with the game being Xbox/PC exclusive.

What’s amazing, however, is that Bethesda is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to reviews from displeased players, especially on the gaming platform Steam.

Starfield has been seeing diving numbers in concurrent players on the platform, and now, a Redditor has spotted a company customer support rep answering negative feedback.

In the screenshot, a CS rep by the username Bethesda_Kraken is seen responding to what seems to be negative feedback regarding the barren and empty planets in the game.

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Credit: Reddit/Steam

In their reply, the representative advises the player to continue exploring the galaxy to find new worlds they could build outposts on and mine for resources.

Bethesda_Kraken also points out that Starfield has a wealth of side missions that the player could explore to pass their time. They then closed the comment by inviting players to leave feedback through Starfield’s Discord and Bethesda’s official website.

However, what’s glaring in the response is that the representative repeated what Todd Howard said about some planets in Starfield being empty by design. The reply directly quotes his explanation about this feature being intended to make the player feel small and overwhelmed by space.

You can even see them quote the line from an interview with Todd and Ashley Cheng, saying that astronauts weren't bored when they went to the Moon.

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