After Starfield Launch, Elon Musk Preps to Launch His Starship

A picture of Elon Musk super-imposed over a screenshot from Starfield

A picture of Elon Musk super-imposed over a screenshot from Starfield

Starfield is now fully launched, with everyone around the world who did not upgrade to early access now able to play the long-awaited space RPG from Bethesda.

While gamers can now enjoy the space exploration that Starfield offers, let’s also remember that there is someone in the real world who’s also about to embark on what might be a historic rocket launch.

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Credit: SpaceX

We’re talking about none other than Elon Musk, whose space exploration company SpaceX has already made preparations to launch another Starship rocket to the stars.

Musk, who Is also the CEO of X (formerly Twitter), took to the social media platform to announce that they’ve already stacked the Starship, named Ship 25, next to its launch pad.

All that remains now, Musk said, is for the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA to give its approval.

The post also attached a 40-second video containing a series of drone shots of the launch platform.

According to, this is the second Starship vehicle to be launched by SpaceX following a failed launch in April. The rocket failed to separate from its first and second stages, forcing the company to initiate a self-destruct sequence over the Gulf of Mexico.

The Starship project itself is in its test phase. Musk envisions the Starship as a recoverable and reusable platform similar to the NASA Space Shuttle. SpaceX will use the vehicle to launch satellites and eventually land on Mars.

The FAA is still investigating the report SpaceX filed concerning the mishap in April, so it might take some time before approval is given for Ship 25’s launch.

While waiting for Elon Musk to launch Ship 25, let’s also enjoy everything that Starfield has to offer. Make sure to use it to capture your adventures in the Starfield universe, and keep an eye out for our weekly photo competition starting this week. Into the Starfield, indeed.

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