Bethesda PR Boss Creates Vault-Tec Ship in Starfield

vault boy with planet backdrop

vault boy with planet backdrop

It has been 11 days since Starfield became available for early access, and six days have passed since the official release; and only now are we seeing the first Fallout Ship made in Shipbuilder.

For Matt Frary, however, last weekend was the only time since release he could finally play Bethesda’s newest space exploration role-playing game.

Matt is Bethesda’s senior director of public relations. So what does he do when he finally finds time to play his company’s biggest release yet? He builds a Vault-Tec PR ship in the Shipbuilding section, of course.

Vault-Tec is a fictional company from Bethesda’s other IP, Fallout. The company created much of the technology in that universe, including the underground vaults where many of the apocalypse’s survivors hide.

Matt revealed his creation in a post on X, complete with a photograph of the vessel.

fallout themed ship
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Credit: X/Matt Frary

The ship bears the trademark yellow-and-blue color theme from the Fallout franchise. If you’ve played the mobile game Fallout Shelter, you’ll recognize that color in the default shirts the survivors wear before you equip them with armor.

These colors also comprise the two-tone logo of the company.

While he has successfully brought over what he called his “character background from Fallout 76, ” he is unsure how it would work out within the lore of Starfield.

“Looking for ideas for explaining my displaced Vault-Tec PR guy,” his post concluded.

There’s no end to the creativity manifested in Starfield’s Shipbuilding department. Last week, somebody recreated the iconic green Planet Express from Futurama in Starfield. The same user subsequently created the iconic Magic School Bus as well.

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Credit: Reddit

Before that, fans had also created their interpretations of the ships from the Star Wars franchise. There is now a Star Destroyer, a couple of X-wing fighters, and Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon grav jumping all over the universe of Bethesda’s Starfield.

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