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Start with a clean slate with the File Note Found background. You're not tied down by any baggage or backgrounds from your past. Start your life anew in the Settled Systems and be who you want.

Last Updated 03 Sep 2023 at 10:30 am GMT
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Best builds

Due to the nature of this background, there is no concrete best build that you need to follow. However, the build does start off with the Ballistics and Piloting skills, meaning it's easier to put points into your ballistic weapon skills and ship piloting skills. You can also invest points into Stealth as it lines up with your mysterious past.

Best Traits and Skills

The best traits for File Not Found are Alien DNA and Wanted, as both of them give you good stat boosts. However, you don't need to take a trait for this build.

The best skills to take for File Not Found are primarily combat-oriented until later in the game, when you need points in science for crafting.

Best weapons

The best weapons in Starfield for File Not Found are all ballistic weapons. However, early on, you should focus on getting good shotguns and pistols. Examples include the Old Earth Shotgun, Coachman, Breach and the Experiment A-7.

Best armor

There is no specific best Armor for this build, but we suggest going for something light that lets you remain mobile.

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