Player Spends 584 Hours Playing Starfield!

todd howard

todd howard

There are many ways to show your love for Bethesda’s largest open-world RPG, Starfield. Some like to recreate elements from the game in real life. Others, like this Redditor, simply spend considerable time playing the game.

For how many hours exactly did they play Starfield? According to the Redditor FuzzyJesusX21, he had spent 584 hours in Todd Howard’s latest brainchild!

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Credit: Reddit

In his defense, he said he sometimes lets the game run while asleep. Aside from that, the main activities that allowed him to accumulate more than 500 hours in-game are Ship and Outpost building. He admitted to feeling like a caveman emerging from the game two weeks after playing it.

Given the prevalence of negative feedback regarding Starfield on Reddit, user AyMalones asked the OP if he enjoyed the game, to which he replied in the affirmative. However, he stated that the game needs some improvements in various aspects.

Curiously, one other user, Commercia-Deal-384, claimed that he had almost 800 hours clocked into Starfield. However, he didn’t back his claim up with a screenshot.

Phil Spencer also recently uploaded his Xbox yearly wrapup infographic, which revealed that he had spent nearly 150 hours playing the newest Bethesda RPG. Aside from Starfield, Phil Spencer revealed that he also spent as much time playing Diablo IV and Pillars of Eternity: Hero Edition.

Players are crossing their fingers that Bethesda’s recently announced series of updates will significantly improve the game, especially after the studio promised new modes of travel to come in one of these patches.

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