Constellation PSA Implores Player to Save the Foxbats

a foxbat gargoyle like starfield creature

a foxbat gargoyle like starfield creature

There’s currently a Public Service Announcement from the Constellation addressing all players in Starfield that’s now making rounds on Reddit. This video, uploaded by player Timboslice951, asks players to please save the Foxbat from extinction!

The dramatic video shows the player going about a location in Schrodinger III, where he encounters scores of dead foxbats. At some point, he encounters a living one hiding amongst the carcasses of its brethren.

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Credit: Reddit
Poor creatures

The video makes a case against the “XP farming” activities that supposedly decimate the Foxbat population on the planet. Because of the “massive” farming people do with Foxbats - with kills in the thousands every day - the population of these animals has been allegedly rendered as hypothetical or non-existent.

The video also calls out those poor Foxbat puppies who witness their parents’ deaths and are left behind, sure to be killed in the future “for nothing more than the experience.”

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Credit: Reddit
Just one more orphan in Schrodinger III

Of course, we all know these creatures spawn when you return to the planet after leaving. However, suppose there is an animal welfare society in Starfield. In that case, this video is exactly what they would post to complain about the wholesale farming of Foxbats for experience and luxury textiles.

One user, dirtybird131, wondered if someone would make a similar case for the Heat Leeches. Timboslice951 said that won’t come around since the fictional CETA allows for the extermination of what it describes as “invasive” species.

Over the weekend, another Starfield player uploaded a video of a herd of fauna seemingly dancing but trying to threaten the player so he’d leave them alone.

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