Will Starfield Be Available on GeForce NOW?

explorer floats to a portal structure in space

explorer floats to a portal structure in space

Starfield is available for everyone to play, whether on PC, Xbox, or even mobile devices! But is Starfield available on GeForce NOW?

Starfield, the epic space adventure by Bethesda let's players enjoy the vastness of space via hundreds of explorable planets, multiple quests to tackle, and ships to steal!

Naturally, players will want to enjoy this massive game on a variety of platforms, especially if they don't have access to a high-end PC, which is why GeForce NOW sounds so enticing.

Is Starfield on GeForce NOW?

Since Starfield released on 6 September, the GeForce NOW forum have been clamoring for the game to be brought to the gaming platform.

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One user said that having Starfield on the GeForce NOW platform will allow them to play 60 frames per second in full, bringing in more business for Nvidia.

Lucky for that user and everyone else looking to try out Starfield via streaming, GeForce NOW compatibility was confirmed on 13 September by NVIDIA.

It's a massive win for users who may not enjoy some of the technical limitations players on lower-end PCs or even consoles have to endure. The game runs at a way smoother framerate if you have a beefy rig, meanwhile, Xbox Series and X players have to make do with a sometimes choppy 30 FPS.

Of course, this doesn't mean you can buy Starfield via GeForce's storefront, because there isn't even one. You'll have to own the game via Steam and link your account to NVIDIA's service if you want to take advantage of the streaming capabilities they offer.

And that's it! Now that you know Starfield's on GeForce NOW, why not enjoy some of our guides to help you navigate the Settled Systems? My recommendation is to check out our picks for the best initial builds and skills in Starfield.

For all things Starfield, stick with us at Starfield Portal.

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