Starfield is Gearing Up For Full Launch

A screenshot from Starfield depicting a spaceship landed on a grey, seemingly barren planet.

A screenshot from Starfield depicting a spaceship landed on a grey, seemingly barren planet.

Players in the UK are probably asking now what time the game will drop and be available for them on September 6. Here’s the good news - the Starfield release date in the UK will be simultaneous with releases worldwide.

It’s an exciting time for all Starfield players who have not bought the Premium and Constellation early access upgrade. It’s literally hours only before the game is officially launched, and everyone can start playing the game on Xbox and PC Game Pass!

So, what is the Starfield release time for the UK? Bethesda’s latest open-world exploration game will become available for players in the United Kingdom at 1 am local time on September 6.

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Credit: Bethesda

If you’re one of those looking forward to playing the standard edition in the UK, take a nap after dinner and get up before midnight. You’ll need it!

There are many exciting things for you to look forward to once you finally have access to your pre-ordered game. The main attraction, of course, is exploration.

Fast travel to one of the thousands of planets in the in-game universe and find whatever loot you can obtain. You may also manually travel to a planet but note that you won’t be able to land on it.

Of course, if you are to explore, you’ll need to build a spaceworthy ship. Exercise your creativity by building your own designs or recreating iconic models from other science-fiction franchises. Check out this player’s Millennium Falcon build, for instance.

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Credit: Reddit

While waiting for tomorrow's release date, you might want to check our in-depth guides on character builds. You’ll need that information when creating your character tomorrow at 1 am UK time.

Keep checking back because we’ll be publishing more information since the game will now be fully launched and available.

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