Exploring Starfield: Can You Land on Any Planet Without Loading Screens?

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Alanah Pearce with starfield backdrop

One question that players of Bethesda’s newest open-world exploration game, Starfield, have always wanted to ask is: "Can you fly to any planet?"

It appears that streamer Alanah Pearce has decided to find out for herself. Pearce set her Starfield ship to fly on a course for Pluto and find out if she can directly land on its surface without the grav jump or fast travel and the associated loading screens.

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Credit: Twitch/Alanah Pearce

The result - Pearce’s ship traveled 7 hours, made it to Pluto, and went right through it. The ship did not land on the surface. Instead, the planet filled the screen as it got closer and vanished into thin air.

Pearce did discover a surprising feature on Starfield. In a YouTube video, she explained that she was surprised that Bethesda designed the game to imitate actual planetary orbit. This meant that Pluto would shift out of view after an hour.

To compensate for the orbital changes, Pearce set alarms to wake her every 30 minutes to adjust her ship’s trajectory.

Pearce’s full stream is still available on her Twitch channel.

Space travel, planet exploration, and shipbuilding are integral to the Starfield experience. The game allows you to create vessels and customize their performance through the Shipbuilder feature in-game. One player has even created his own version of the Millennium Falcon and designed it to carry up to 3,000 units of cargo.

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Credit: Reddit/Krunkstep77

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There’s only one day left before the full release of Starfield’s standard version on September 6. Be sure to check back for more exciting news and guides covering Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG.

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