Fans Are Very Unhappy With the New Skyrim Patch

skyrim character with nasa starfield backdrop

skyrim character with nasa starfield backdrop

Bethesda pulled a fast one on us and got caught looking the wrong way when they dropped the recent Skyrim patch. We were all rooting for the Starfield Creation Kit, but at least we see the future for us in the context of mods for Bethesda’s latest RPG.

Some Skyrim players, however, are unhappy about the latest update and are taking to Reddit to air their grievances. One such user, BeginningPerception6, complained that he couldn’t launch his modded game, which had more than 200 mods, on Vortex after updating to the latest patch.

He tried to revert to the previous version that he had before updating, but, at this point, nothing is working. Exasperated, the Redditor called the new patch “pointless” as they make life more difficult for modders.

Galacticgamer34, on the other hand, said that he tried his best to have his mods updated or reinstalled right after he downloaded the new patch, but he found that the very mods he needed for his save data were not working after reverting to the latest version.

The new update forced Skyrim’s latest version to use a single Creations menu to search for and install mods.

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Credit: Bethesda

Since all mods created before the update are not enrolled into that platform, it is only natural that heavily modded games will break because the executable cannot find the items in its load order.

Bethesda also announced that it is introducing a feature that lets modders upload their work into the platform and earn royalties from their usage, essentially allowing them to charge for their work.

Some players view this as Bethesda trying to gain control of the modding community by monetizing fan-created content.

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