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It's that time of year again, and we see the return of the fan-favorite 'Holiday Scorched' event in Fallout 76. Bethesda posted the news on their official site in the final 'Inside the Vault' of 2023. As you can see on the seasonal calendar below, there are many festive activities to partake in across the wastelands, including an upcoming Double XP and Score event this weekend.

Take a look at the calendar for Fallout 76 Season 15 below -

fallout 76 seasonal calendar
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Also revealed were the plans for this year's 'Holiday Scorched,' where players can hunt down festive enemies and loot them for presents. Here are all the details of the event -

Fallout 76 Holiday Scorched Returns

Starting December 19 at 12 pm ET and ending January 2 at 12 pm ET, Holiday Scorched returns! Listen for their cheerful jingles and hunt down festive Scorched enemies to loot their presents for yourself! Additionally, while the event is active, wrapping paper can be purchased for caps from any Train Vendor in Appalachia. Use that wrapping paper to craft your own holiday gifts!

This year, we’ve added the following items to the Holiday Scorched loot pool:

  • Honeycomb Paper Decorations Set (x7)
  • Plastiform Gingerbread
  • Plastiform Santa Sleigh
  • Plastiform Nutcracker
  • Plastiform Santa
  • Plastiform Candle
  • Star Light
  • Straw Goat

(In case you’re wondering… the Plastiform C.A.M.P. items also light up!)


**Start: ** Tuesday, December 19 at 12 pm ET
**End: ** Tuesday, January 2 at 12 pm ET

To cap things off, Bethesda shared their plans for events over on Twitch this weekend, starting on Wednesday with a special performance and continuing this Friday with a 'Holiday Hooplah' starting at 2PM ET. In addition, there will be a double XP event running, details of this are below -


**Start: ** Thursday, December 21 at 12 pm ET
**End: ** Monday, December 25 at 12 pm ET

Seasonal Festivities on Twitch

Bethesda also revealed their plans for festive Fallout 76 events running on Twitch this weekend!

First off, we have a pre-recorded production of “A Christmas Carol” performed by The Wasteland Theatre Company.

After that, tune into a festive holiday caroling stream with Fallout Community Manager Devann McCarthy and special guests Kenneth Vigue, creator of CHAD: A Fallout 76 Podcast and Twitch Streamer SkullieFace. The trio of mischief elves will be paying surprise visits to Festively decorated C.A.M.P.S we find on PC and giving away Atoms!


Wasteland Theatre Company Presents: A Christmas Carol:
Wednesday, December 20th at 2 pm ET (90 minute runtime.)

Holiday Hooplah with Special Guests Kenneth Vigue & SkullieFace
Friday, December 22nd at 2 pm ET (2-hour runtime)

To cap things off, Bethesda shared a letter from Fallout 76 art director Jon Rush, where he gives insights into what is next for Appalachia in 2024 and beyond.

So there we have it, folks, the final Inside the Vault for 2023; we look forward to more adventures in Appalachia in the New Year.

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