Twitter User Discovers Secret Starfield Location with a Cutter

a room behind a cuttable wall

a room behind a cuttable wall

It’s the fifth day of early access for Premium and Constellation players of Bethesda’s latest role-playing game, Starfield. These users have already achieved or discovered many exciting things about this space exploration title, and it’s yet to fully launch!

The latest discovery is of a secret location that’s actually out in the open. In X, a user with the handle Psychobaker_24 posted a video where his character stumbles across a door that says, “EMERGENCY CUTTABLE WALL.” There’s also text in four corners that says “CUT PINS.”

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Credit: X/Psychobaker_24

Many players may take this door for granted, but Psychobaker_24 took the text literally. He takes a cutter, removes all four pins, and opens the door. The video ends at that point, and we don’t see what loot or enemy he encounters inside the location.

A similar video was already posted in a Reddit thread. In both cases, the uploaders did not specify where they found the secret location nor show what lies inside the room. However, it’s apparent now that if you come across an “EMERGENCY CUTTABLE WALL,” you should take the message literally.

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Credit: Twitch/Alanah Pearce

In other news, streamer Alanah Pearce has confirmed two facts about Starfield’s mechanics. First, you can manually travel to another planet without going through the Fast Travel menu and loading screens. However, she also discovers that the ship goes through once she reaches her destination, and the planet vanishes.

The second fact is that Bethesda has infused real-life orbital mechanics into the game. If you plan to fly to another planet, you should expect to have to make steering adjustments because the planet is also moving away from you.

Starfield is officially launching tomorrow, September 6! Keep coming back because we’ll continue to cover everything about the game. If you're preparing for the launch, check out our advanced shipbuilding guide here.

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